About IIAS and IASIA


IIAS – Improving Administrative Sciences Worldwide

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) is a NGO with scientific purpose established in 1930 whose seat is in Brussels.

The Institute is a worldwide platform providing a space for exchanges that promote knowledge and practices to improve the organization and operation of Public Administration and to ensure that public agencies will be in a position to better respond to the current and future expectations and needs of society.

It provides thus a forum where practical experiences and theoretical analyses of experts (academics and practitioners) in public administration worldwide and from all cultures are presented and discussed.

To cover the diversity of its members, the IIAS has set up four entities:

  • The EGPA (European Group for Public Administration)
  • The IASIA (International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration)
  • The LAGPA (Latin American Group for Public Administration)
  • The AGPA (Asian Group for Public Administration)

The IIAS aims to :

  • promote the development of the administrative sciences ;
  • provide a worldwide platform for exchanges between practitioners and academics ;
  • establish a link between theoretical research and practice ;
  • improve the organisation and operation of public administrations ;
  • develop effective administrative methods and techniques ;
  • contribute to the governance progress within the national and international administrations.

Activities / Services

To realize its objectives, the IIAS implements the following actions:

Interested in becoming a member? Please contact the IIAS Executive Secretary, Anne De Boeck at a.deboeck@iias-iisa.org.


The International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration

IASIA is established as a collaborative effort by its members who share common commitments in the education and training of public servants and managers, directed towards meeting the capacity building needs of national and sub-national, regional and international public authorities, agencies and enterprises.

IASIA provides organisations and individual members from various part of the world, having the same concerns, with the opportunity to consider and advance their interests from a global perspective while taking into account local, regional and national specificities. As platform for the exchange of knowledge, IASIA makes at once mutual support and assistance more possible and helps serve the needs arising from the increasingly complex environment in which governments and their public services are called on to operate.

Interested in becoming a member or receiving further information? Please contact the IASIA Executive Secretary, Virginie Delattre-Escudié at v.delattre.escudie@iias-iisa.org.