Call for Papers – IIAS and IASIA

One umbrella theme “Public Administration Futures: Professionalism and Leadershipwas addressed during the congress .

The Calls-for-papers are closed

For information, please find them below.

Open Call :

The Open abstracts/panels is for authors who wish to submit an abstract or organize a session for consideration to the 2013 Joint Congress of IIAS-IASIA, but do not believe that their topic fits under any of the panels, special workshop topics or other sessions.

Call for papers on the following subthemes

  1. Future risks and strategies
  2. Leadership for the future
  3. Innovative service delivery for the future

Call for papers of the IASIA Working Groups

  • WG I: Education and Training Programme: aligning missions and quality
  • WG II: State-Market Partnerships and Enterprise Management
  • WG III: Public Sector Reform
  • WG IV: Local Governance and Development
  • WG V: Accountability, Culture & Trust
  • WG VI: Public Sector Financial, Information and Performance Management
  • WG VII: Leadership, Governance and Public Policy
  • WG VIII: Management of Energy, Food Security and Welfare
  • WG IX: Diversity and Gender in the Public Service

You may also download the Submission User Guide, should you need more assistance.