IIAS Project Group on Security and Safety

Call for Papers – Crisis and Contingency Management

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The IIAS Project Group on Security and Safety is preparing a publication on national public capacities for crisis and contingency management and on related international coordination. The publication will include case studies of national and international institutional arrangements and of individual crisis events. It will also look at cross-cutting crisis management issues. A basic premise is that all national governments are called upon to prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters and that every jurisdiction has lessons to offer others while also going through its own process of continuous learning. An initial exploration of the issues involved is provided in the discussion paper: «Providing for Security and Safety: National Public Capacities for Crisis and Contingency Management and Related International Coordination.” It is available on the Project Group website at www.iias-iisa.org.

The Project Group has met during the IIAS annual Congresses in Lausanne (2011) and Merida (2013) and plans to meet for a third time in Bahrain in June 2013. Preparations are underway for the planned publication, but the Project Group is still looking for additional contributions.


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Extended deadlines:

7 March – for abstracts proposals

1 May – for receiving final papers


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