Kick-off Panel Introduding the New IIAS Study Group on Civil Service and Politics – New Political Governance

Call for papers – Political-administrative relations in times of heightened pressure on executive government

Executive governments are faced with increasing societal and political pressures. Such pressures may derive from, amongst other factors, increased electoral volatility and polarization, changes in mass media and communications, and the internationalization of policy challenges. Presidents, prime-ministers and cabinets have found and indeed used different responses to such pressures, many of which include either attempts to
delegate responsibility outward (such as privatization, agencification, decentralization, Europeanization), and/or attempts to increase grip on their sphere of responsibility (such as performance management, audits, politicization, increased media management).

Each of these responses may have substantial consequences for the interaction between politicians in government and their civil servants, and for the positioning of civil servants vis-à-vis their political superiors.
In this panel, proposals are welcomed that address the changes in political-administrative relations which derive from the heightened pressures on the executive, and the responses of the executive to those pressures.

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